Protect your reputation and rent out safely

Properize streamlines the rental process for real estate agents and property managers

Prospective tenants are increasingly submitting fake documents to increase their chances

It is becoming increasingly easy to modify payslips and bank statements to fraudulently qualify for rental housing. You probably have the tools to screen prospective tenants but these will not detect the fake documents that fraudsters currently use.

Prevent fraud

Detecting forged documents protects your reputation and leaves fraudsters with no chance.

One process for all

Our process adapts to all tenant profiles, including expats and self-employed workers.

No manual work

Calling employers and requesting payslips is no longer necessary.

How does it work?

Step 1


Through a unique portal with your own look-and-feel (see example), potential tenants submit an application. This launches a digital onboarding process that requires no interaction from the rental agent.

Step 2


With our AI-powered document review technology, we can easily spot signs of digital manipulation. If applicable, we make a one-time link with the candidate's bank to verify true monthly income.

Step 3


Within minutes, the results are available in a PDF report that you can send directly to the landlord. This report includes our assessment. You can prepare and digitally sign the contract within a few clicks.

What do our customers say?

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"Digitizing our acceptance process with Properize has made a big difference for us. Our prospective tenants find the process very easy and we are happy to see those background checks being finally completed in the background. This allows our agents to focus on what really matters."

R. Kraaij
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"Many of our tenants are expats who are not verifiable with traditional screening tools, which involves a lot of manual work. Since we started working with Properize, tenant onboarding and screening has become faster and more efficient."

R. Weller Abreu
Prospective tenant
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"As a prospective tenant, my top priority is to complete all the paperwork quickly and keep my personal information private. Properize makes this possible. The design of the app is very nice and everything is explained in a clear way."


The way we detect fake documents is revolutionizing the rental process

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