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Typical tenant screening solution that leaves income verification to your employees

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Perfect solution for offices looking to take tenant onboarding to the next level

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Additional features and volume discounts for large agencies and property managers

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Customized services for national players, institutional investors and other high-volume parties


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Comparison of features

Screening of prospective tenants

Properize Lite Properize Subscription Corporate
ID document verification
Scan proof of identity documents from more than 200 countries
Facial recognition technology
Candidates take a selfie to verify their identity
Creditworthiness check
Obtain a clear view of the payment risk
Negative payment experience
Ensure that there are no credit collection files
Income received in the bank account
Determine actual income through a bank link (PSD2)
Employer documents verification
We know what documents from NL employers look like
LinkedIn verification
Automatic matching with profile of candidates
UWV and Tax Office document verification
Automatic verification of government sources

Detection of rental fraud

Properize Lite Properize Subscription Corporate
Detection of fake documents
Detect the use of PDF editors or Photoshop
Forensic analysis of documents
Leading document verification with our AI
Disposable email check
Check if candidates have used their real email address or not
Omitted co-tenant
Detect whether individual applicants are truly alone
Checking for suspicious behavior
Notice when candidates do something unusual
Invalid digital certificates
Validation of digital certificates such as DocuSign

Optimization of the rental process

Properize Lite Properize Subscription Corporate
PDF report with results
Report that can be shared with landlord
Tenant link in your own house style
Save time by letting candidates fill in information themselves
Setting deadlines and reminders
Forget chasing candidates
Collection of documents
No more documents sitting in your mailbox
User management
Easily revoke access to sensitive files
1 user
5 users
Adaptive onboarding form
Digital onboarding process that adapts to the candidate
Check expats who have just landed
Our process is suitable for all tenant profiles
Self-employed and entrepreneurs
Verify income of candidates who don't receive a paycheck
Guarantor verification
Process candidates with no income such as students
Useful insights
Understand your tenant profiles and risks
White-label capabilities
Integrate Properize experience into your own process
Customized rental acceptance process
Customize selection criteria to fit your rental portfolio
Custom onboarding forms
A fully customized process
API integrations
Connection to third-party CRMs and management software

Sign rental contracts

Properize Lite Properize Subscription Corporate
2017 ROZ contract template generator
Generate a rental contract within minutes
Your own special terms and conditions
Save your most frequently used terms for later use
Digital signing
Automate the signing process and complete deals faster
Add attachments to contract
Complete the process with all required documents
Upload your own contract
Use any template with our signing process
Generate your own contracts
Use our easy contract generator with your own contract templates

Comply with legislation

Properize Lite Properize Subscription Corporate
AVG compliant
Keep personal data within our environment
Data Retention policy
Delete personal data of old candidates and avoid unnecessary risks
3 months
12 months
Comply with duty of care regulations
Fulfil your legal obligations as a real estate agent
Full audit trail
Protect your reputation if something goes wrong


Properize Lite Properize Subscription Corporate
Email support
Our Helpdesk will respond your questions within 24 hours
Livechat support
Get priority support during business hours
On-site employee training
We train your employees at your office
Dedicated customer success manager
Someone to assist you with any problem during your journey with us

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are currently several vendors reselling 3rd party checks for a few euros each. If you have been working in this industry for some time, you know that these are not effective and you are left with a lot of manual checks. Properize automates not only the screening process but the entire rental process (e.g., document collection, employer verification and contract signing). Properize detects false documents and unusual behavior, such as when a tenant "forgets" to add a co-tenant who has something to hide.

Unlike traditional companies that offer tenant screening, our rating is truly based on all relevant factors, including the ratio of "verified income to rent price" (must exceed 3.0x for a 5-star rating) and whether the rental application contains irregularities.


Candidates with 4 and 5 stars receive a "Recommended Tenant" badge. Candidates with too little income or where the proof of income is of low quality receive a 3-star rating. Finally, those candidates with 1 and 2 stars are those who provide fake documents (Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Professional, online PDF editors, etc) or have a poor credit history (collections, debt restructuring, receivership, etc).

We first offer a 15-day trial period after which a suitable subscription or pay-as-you-go option can be chosen. During the trial period, you can use all the features Properize offers.

Properize Lite performs a simple automated verification of identity and credit. Fraud prevention, income verification and document analysis are not available in this version. If you need basic third-party verification and prefer to do the rest of the work manually, Properize Lite is the perfect option for you.

At the beginning of a the month your usage of the previous month will be made up and you will receive an invoice by mail. We will soon include other payment options such as direct debit and iDEAL.

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