Dutch Screening Service Properize Acquired by TreeHouse

Rental Candidates Checked via Huurwoningen.nl and Pararius

TreeHouse, the organization behind Dutch market leaders Pararius and Huurwoningen.nl, has acquired Properize. Properize is an innovative scale-up that screens rental candidates and expats on behalf of real estate agents in the Netherlands.




With the acquisition of Properize, TreeHouse adds a new service that detects fraud and minimizes paperwork. As the demand for rental homes rises in the Netherlands, the supply in the current market keeps shrinking. As a result, real estate agents are flooded with rental requests that ultimately need to be screened. This screening of rental candidates is a crucial and meticulous final step before entering into a rental agreement, and it can be particularly time-consuming when screening freelancers and expats. Until the arrival of Properize, no software existed that could perform this quickly and easily.

AI-driven software

Properize has developed an AI-driven solution that checks bank statements and employer documents for content and potential forgery. The content of the document undergoes a cross-check with the monthly income the candidate receives in the bank account. Potential identity fraud is also detected. This entire process takes place in mere seconds. Properize complies with the GDPR regulations.

Jasper de Groot, director of TreeHouse, intends to market Properize more broadly. “At present this service is only offered to real estate agents. We will continue to do this. However, this approach means that only one candidate undergoes a confirmatory screening, a process that takes place after the agent has already handled all incoming requests. With our housing websites, however, we have the unique opportunity to move the screening forward in the process by offering it directly in response to every rental candidate in the market. In this way, we expand the already screened pool of renters and simplify the process for everyone involved. This fits perfectly with the objective of our CRM system Pararius Office and our selection tool Leadflow to simplify the rental process”, says De Groot.


Next phase

Luis Perez, director and founder of Properize: “Pararius Office is the market leader in CRM systems for rental agents in the Netherlands. It was the logical party for us to take our service to the next phase and make it available to a wider audience. Our software has proven itself and can be scaled via the labels of TreeHouse. I am confident that the service we developed can further evolve under the direction of TreeHouse into the screening standard for the Dutch rental market.”

About TreeHouse

TreeHouse is the organization behind the Dutch property portal Pararius: the number one rental housing platform in the Netherlands. With a team of more than 70 employees, they develop, innovate, and maintain multiple platforms targeting different audiences within the rental and homeownership market. The company currently runs six different labels and is adding Properize as a seventh. The current labels are Pararius, Huurwoningen.nl, Realstats, Pararius Office, Leadflow and the international label Rentaroof.

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