What is Properize?

You may have seen us for the first time and you are wondering: Who are these people? What do they do with my data? In this section, we provide all the information to you as a potential tenant and consumer.

Finally a better way to check tenants

We put you in control of your own tenant verification process

We started Properize to provide a better way to verify the identity and risk profile of tenants. Our process makes it easier for everybody to make sure you don’t have to wait around before getting the keys of your new home. And it is totally free for you! 

We protect your data and use industry-leading cybersecurity and encryption methods right within our secure Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) environment.

Fast and easy

We have replaced a tedious process of collecting payslips from your employer's intranet with a much simpler process that can be done in less than 5 minutes.

Privacy champion

We understand that you don't want to send your sensitive documents to a real estate agent you may never see again. We protect your privacy and data.

Fair to tenants

Unlike other screening solutions, we only check what matters. Our mission is to create a more efficient way to bring you into your new home.

Introduction to Open Banking

How do we get access to your banking data?

The “Second Payment Services Directive” (PSD2) is a European regulation aimed at increasing consumer rights and enabling new ways of collaborating with banks since 2018. This legislation allows us to, after permission from the account holder, access transaction data via a secure API connection directly with the bank. Read more about PSD2 in rijksoverheid.nl (in Dutch).

We only access to your data once, verify your average monthly income and tell the real estate agent whether you can afford the rental payments or not. That’s all! We do not see your login details and cannot make payments from your account.

PSD2 is a European regulation introduced in the Netherlands in February 2019. It means, among other things, that banks are obliged to give third parties access to your payment account if you give permission to do so. Third parties are companies that offer payment services or other financial analysis. These companies only get access to your current account if you give permission for this yourself.

Before PSD2 came into effect, only banks and you had access to your payment details. The idea of PSD2 is that you as a consumer decide who else is allowed to use that data. PSD2 creates more competition in the financial sector, because companies other than your bank can also view your payment details.

Do you give a third party (such as Slimverhuurd) access to your payment account? This party then has access to your transaction data and could analyse it. This permission is valid for up to 90 days.

Yes, the consent or permission can be revoked at any time. Have you already completed your tenant verification process? Then send us an email requesting the consent to be withdrawn (hello@properize.com).

This depends on your bank. For our analysis we only take into account the past 6 months of data.

Introduction to zero-knowledge proof

How is Properize fairer than other tenant screening solutions?

In cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof is a method by which one external party like us can prove to another (e.g. a real estate agent) whether something is true or false without disclosing any unnecessary information.

In our case, why does the real estate agent need to know your exact monthly income or have access to your payslips or tax returns if our artificial intelligence can verify your real monthly income and compare it to a rental price in just seconds?

We will never sell or share your data

We go beyond the limitations imposed by GDPR and understand that the only way to create a future-proof business model is to be fair and engage in good business practices. This is our pledge to you as a consumer and we will stand by it.